Rovesnik | 2019 — 2021
сafe, bar, a community of like-minded youths

BRIEF: Develop a visual identity for a brand of multiple services: food, music, culture, events.

The company planned to remain responsive to the changeable demands of the young audience, thus the design system needed to include a room for future variations.

RESPONSE: A dynamic visual identity. A logo that refers to a sign of equality (=) and evolves it into transformable linked entities. A construction set can accommodate typography or serve as a series of graphic signs.

Links between building elements represented connections between members of the community. Such memorable visual feature allowed the brand to undergo an indefinite number of esthetic changes while remaining recognisable. The carousel contains the initial identity and its versions on different physical and digital carriers developed through a period of two years.
Noname Roasters | 2020
anonymous network of coffee roasters

BRIEF: create an identity for a delivery service of packaged roasted coffee and accessories
RESPONSE: Visually wise coffee culture is depersonalized. General search for any coffee related product would return a pastel palette showcasing latte art and smiling people holding steamy cups with edges of their drop sleeve sweaters.

The idea behind Noname Roasters (nnr) was an alternative geek view on a traditional coffee perception. The suggested identity was inspired by hackers' culture. The logo simply consisted of \_/° and elaborated the sign in ascii and kaomoji art patterns for product's packages.

David Lynch's Retrospective | 2019

BRIEF: Develop a series of posters to announce the screening of three David Lynch's movies: Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire.
RESPONSE: A series of posters and a leaflet with a program. Being a big fan of David Lynch's work, I've mimiced his approach to time distortion in call to actions, suspending a moment of viewer's attention in an uncertain time loop: "If today was yesterday, you'd be watching Blue Velvet", "If today was tommorow, you'd be watching Mulholland Drive" and "If today was the day after tomorrow, you'd be watching Inland Empire". All posters contained clearly visible screening dates to remain functional. The leaflet was designed on a gradually increasing in size (up to the middle) and decreasing in size (after the middle) pages to support the cyclic narrative.'s Futures studies | 3 / 2022

BRIEF: Create six illustrations and twelve glyphs to accompany the media's study on the subject of the future. The material contained several approaches to planning, interviews with people supporting corresponding strategies and experts' POVs.
RESPONSE: I wanted to create a cohesive story both visually and conceptually, so I based the series around familiar pieces of digital interface: navigation app icons and macOS semiotics. The metaphor of planning as navigating a route always seemed relatable to me so I tried to illustrate diverse approaches to future planning through making "you're here" sign and traveller's arrow act differently in various scenarios: moving, changing, stalling, falling freely.
Hse Art Gallery | 3 / 2020
This Laugh Is Going to End in Tears Exhibition

BRIEF: Create a key visual and an identity for the exibition's interior, print and web ad campaigns.

A collective exhibition of three contemporary Russian artists: Ivan Gorshkov, Danini and Dmitry Kavka. The funny in their works coexists with the terrible, the sad is neutralized by the grotesque, the serious can be devalued, and stupidity and savagery are elevated to the absolute.
RESPONSE: The main idea of the suggested identity was to visually interpret the name of the exhibition "This Laugh Is Going to End in Tears" by showcasing mutability of emotions and combining polarizing symbols.

The visual language of the exhibition consisted of patterns and characters. The patterns played on the switch between smiley symbols ")" & "(" and accommodated carriers' typography. The characters created procedural transitions between iOS emojis (form :happy: to :sad:, from :clown: to :king:, from :party: to :skull: etc) and were used both solely and as a second layer for the patterns.


Skola | 2017 - 2020
Coffee & Wine Bar, creative community space in Tbilisi, Georgia

BRIEF: Develop a visual identity for a brand of multiple services: coffee, wine, food, culture, events. The client wanted an "umbrella" identity to host several individual directions under the main brand.
RESPONSE: The name "Skola" means "A School". The suggested identity inherited various patterns of school notebooks: checkered, lined, diagonal, copybook. Ornament distinctions has built a design system for different branches of the product: coffee & wine bar / restaurant / studio for experimental education / creative community space.

Prior to becoming vector graphics, each pattern was created through a scanning distortion of actual school notebooks to bring the authenticity to the project and distinguish the results from similar interpretations of the school topic.
Jewish Museum of Tolerance
The Impossible is Inevitable Exhibition
Ideas That Change The World | 3 / 2018

Sulliwan Studio

BRIEF: Create a key visual and an identity for the exhibition's interior, print and web ad campaigns.

The exhibition was an exploration into the possibility of scientific discoveries, that showcased Israeli technological startups in a context of past inventions and contemporary artists' installations.
RESPONSE: I was asked to create a graphic approach that would go beyond grid-based trends of the time, speculating the ways in which design systems might operate in the future.

I wanted the language to be less structured and more bioinspired. The suggested key visual had a dynamic nature of letters' placement, connecting them via thin lines. Thus the entities remained liquidly changeable and suitable for formats of any proportions. I've also developed a custom dismantled font to create an illusion of forms revealing in front of the viewer's eyes.
Solyanka State Gallery New Japan.
The Observer Effect Exhibition | 4 / 2018

BRIEF: Create a key visual and an identity for the exibition's interior, print and web ad campaigns.
RESPONSE: The exhibition concept compared contemplation with observation, making the viewer a key participant in the narrative. Naturally, the visual identity inherited elements of optics: observer's eye (key visual) and viewing angles (design system).

Visual entities complemented names of artists, curators and work titles with images of viewing angles, thus translating the idea of subjective points of view on the presented works and discussion topics.

ZIL Cultural Center. Emma Waltraud Howes. Scores for Daily Living
Performance and a series of talks | 2 / 2019

BRIEF: Create a key visual and an identity for the event's print and web ad campaigns.
RESPONSE: I was inspired by the tool Emma used in her performance - a chalk holder capable of drawing parallel lines.

The suggested identity revolved around the scores of different angles and density. Linear structures hosted details of the main event and the supporting agenda.

Cloud Data | 2022
a concept of a bootcamp app for neural networks

CONCEPT: Cloud Data is an entertainment app that uses machine vision to speculate what a cloud shape could resemble. The goal of the project is to expand the number of participants interested in neural networks' development through the experience of sky gazing.

The app works as a social network allowing one to share pictures of clouds which were prior analysed by the ai on the subject of their shape and structure. Thus the app generates an archive of abstract associations training both human's and neural network's cognitive skills.'s What you need to know about Russian e-passports | 9 / 2021
Lisa Dorer's article on cybersecurity

BRIEF: Create five illustrations for an article.
RESPONSE: I was inspired by Paul Virilio's quote mentioned in the article: "When you invent the plane you also invent the plane crash" and wanted the visual language to portray the mixed state of both hope and anxiety.

Illustrations enhance the knowledge based article with a visual story of a fictional couple, who are trying to live their ordinary life: combing hair in preparation to get their passport picture taken, meet on a stairway, exchange keys, lay on a bed in the evening, all while surrendering themselves to a process of digitalisation.

The recurring barcode element (blinds, comb, hair) is functional and leads to the name of the media in leet 5v3RhN0v4y4 (sverhnovaya).

Solyanka State Gallery
Matter of Horror Exhibition | 11 / 2018

BRIEF: Create a key visual and an identity for the exhibition's print and web ad campaigns.

The exhibition aimed to demonstrate the coexistence of well-functioning interfaces and a bug that could have revealed itself at any moment. The work of the terrifying was observed in borderline states: the merger of biological and technological, the infection of systems with viruses, the disruption of network homeostasis.
RESPONSE: I was curious to find ways in which vector tools could create a disruption of the organized matter. Thus I conducted a number of experiments submerging different grid systems under the influence of distortion instruments.
Solyanka State Gallery
Bergman. Metamorphosis Exhibition | 11 / 2018

BRIEF: Create a visual identity for the exhibition's interior, print and web ad campaigns and a printed catalogue.

The exhibition was organized jointly with the Embassy of Sweden in Russia and was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the director. The project brought together works of contemporary artists inspired by esthetics and the personality of Igmar Bergman.
RESPONSE: The suggested visuals explored light/shadow relationships as a signature feature of Bergman's cinematic language. Different ray shapes served a series of web announcements and supported spreads in the exhibition's catalog. Angularly cropped white labels on black walls of the gallery created an illusion of actual light beams in the space with no windows.
Neat My Bit | 01 / 2016
A concept of a recycling service for vector leftovers

CONCEPT: Together with the intended work, a digital specialist produces a number of entities which might be considered leftovers. Such vector waste could contain old and rejected graphics or experiments that weren't used in a final product.

Those bits do not hold a value on their own, but could possibly be useful as a recycling material. By combining leftovers of different authors into a variety of patterns, a speculative service NeatMyBit creates value through a result of collaboration. Product's patterns might be saved for digital reuse or got printed on paper or fabric. The site stores bits in categories from abstract to figurative, from simple to detailed and from linear to filled, introducing a new approach to the process of pattern-making.

The prototype patterns contained real leftovers donated by over thirty digital specialists: designers, illustrators, architects and animators.