What Time Are You? A Walk In Game Time
12 / 2019 — 2 /2020
Hse Art Gallery
ARTISTS: Akihiko Taniguchi, Pippin Barr, Dmitry Kavka, Bram Ruiter, Chris Collins, Petri Purho, Angela Washko, Ksenia Mikhailovskaya, Ilya Rodin, Ilya Grigoriev, MIT Game Lab

CURATOR: Kate Umnova
The concept of time is not material, it reveals itself through changes of variables. With an advent of new media and computer games we got an opportunity to fill physical time with virtual space and edit digital time according to our will: pause, accelerate, slow down. Characters in some games do not age, while in others, city creation would take minutes to count. Control over the speed of changes turned temporal variable into applied parameter.

Game timescales allow users to overpass boundaries of possible: influence memory processes, connect different meanings through historical layers, stretch the intensity of personal comfort and have countless shots in a search for alternative scenarios.
"What time are you?" is an exhibition-experiment, gathering games, machinimas and installations in simulated time modalities. The exhibition contains works of contemporary media artists, game developers and students of HSE profiles "game design" and "design and coding".

Gallery space reacted to viewer's presence and transmitted beating of the current moment through interactive installations and sound installations. Walk through the gallery halls let visitors shift their subjective time perception from one room to another.
New Japan. The Observer Effect
4 / 2018 — 7 /2018
Solyanka State Gallery
ARTISTS: Haruyuki Ishii, Takashi Makino, Soichiro Mihara, Yuko Mohri, Ryo Orikasa, Aki Sasamoto, Akihiko Taniguchi, Sayaka Shimada, Lyota Yagi, Jinichi Yamaoka, Onishi Yasuaki, Mai Yamashita + Naoto Kobayashi, exonemo, SHIMURAbros
CURATORS: Kate Umnova, Margarita Osepyan, Johan Rijpma
A group exhibition of Japan new media art. Contemplation is one of the key elements to the Eastern Philosophy, taking its origins in Zen culture and writing traditions. At the same time, Observation allows one to investigate the laws of the Physical Universe. The term Observer Effect implies an influence that a scientist has on the subject of his observation.
Gathered projects turn hidden forces of nature (gravity, electromagnetism, kinetic tension, radiation and more) to the tangilble, hearable and visible forms, allowing a viewer to become an observer himself and spend time contemplating.
Afisha Daily , Radio Kultura
Stelarc's Postevolution:
Hybridisation rather than typization
11 / 2017 — 1 /2018
Solyanka State Gallery
ARTIST: Stelarc

CURATORS: Katya Krylova, Kate Umnova
A documentary project that was dedicated to the work of Australian artist Stelarc. Being the initiator of the alternative anatomy laboratory at Curtin University (Perth, Australia) Stelarc prefers to see artificial intelligence and robotics as part of a person's personality and has been editing his own body for decades.
The project analyses his extreme experiments with the body within the discourse of cyberutopia, a post-gender, post-class, post-racial world of hybrids, aimed at ending the practice of classifying and typifying people by race, age, IQ and other parameters.
Meta Matter. A group exhibition of Dutch animation artists
6 / 2017 — 9 /2017
Solyanka State Gallery
ARTISTS: Lucette Braune, Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukacs, Daniel Weissek, Wouter Venema, Douwe Dijkstra, Robbie Cornelissen, Evelin Lohbech, Johan Rijpma, Studio Smack, Wiep Teeuwisse, Tomas Schats, Fons Schiedon
CURATORS: Margarita Osepyan, Kate Umnova, Mette Petters
"Meta Matter" is a group exhibition of Dutch artists who use animation as a way to create meta reality. Within the context of latest technologies, contemporary understanding of material reality has become a subject for reconsideration. Ways, in which motion pictures establish their truth claims react to the progress of computer skills and provide animation with the indexical power.
On the one hand, animation questions the traditional means of representing the physical world. On the other hand, it extends objective narration with an opportunity to convey the protagonists' subjective feelings and emotional states.
2x2. Animation Exhibition
6 / 2018 — 9 /2018
Solyanka State Gallery

CURATOR: Kate Umnova
In summer 2018 2x2, Russian largest adult-oriented animation TV channel launched a summer air campaign «Growing Up Is a Trap». The 2x2 Exhibition showcases experimental attitude of the channel towards the programming format and the history of 2x2's collaborative relationships with their viewers.